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Party Boats

Malibu Party Boat
$ 65 /pp

Malibu Party Boat where the party begins

2-Story Powerboat
Capacity 100 persons
RT Transportation FREE
Party Boat
Live DJ
Alcohol Included
Chips and Fresh Fruit
3 Hour Tour

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Bebe Catamaran
$ 59 /pp

Bebe Catamaran is the premier sailboat in Bavaro

Capacity 20 persons*
RT Transportation FREE
Party Boat
WiFi Sound System
Alcohol Included
Chips and Fresh Fruit
3 Hour Tour

* We have multiple boats and each boat has different capacity

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Q:What forms of payment do you accept?

A: So you wanna go on a Booze Cruise - great choice! We accept Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Confirmation cannot take place until payment has been made in full, and in advance. Thanks!

Q: If I don't like beer or rum, can I bring my own alcohol?

A: What's wrong with you?! If you don't like beer or rum, why are you going on a booze cruise? If you let us know in advance, we'll stock the bar with milk for you.

Q: Is the booze cruise kid friendly?

A: Of course it is, and so are strip clubs! I'm not going to be one to question your parenting style, but leave the kids at home for this excursion. The legal drinking age in the Dominican Republic is 18.

Q: When is the busiest time and the slowest time?

A: We have visitors in the Caribbean all year round, but high season in Punta Cana is usually from December through March, and the summertime. Also, typically the afternoon tours on the weekends have the highest volume.

Q: Where can I see the pictures taken on the boat?

A: Our party boat photographer will be on board the whole time, making sure that you get lots of good shots from your PuntaCanaBoozeCruise experience. At of the end of the tour, you will have an opportunity to talk to and discuss payment with the photographers and arrange pickup of your picture cd.

Q: Where does the booze cruise go exactly?

A: The booze cruise will travel up and down the Punta Cana shoreline, cruising past swaying palm trees and visitors enjoying their tropical vacation. Our stops for snorkeling and the natural pool will all be close to shore, and we end up exactly where we left from.

Our Party Program

We have a Cool Staff

Our crew works hard to keep you entertained with constant refills, continuous dancing and all around amusement.

Listen to your jam

We’ll provide local island music for your pleasure, but if you want to bring your own, that’s cool too! We’ll plug you in to make sure the tunes never stop.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!

The onboard photographer will be around taking pictures the whole time, and will also help you get the best shots with your own camera. Let’s capture these exciting moments so we can remember them forever!

Safety First!:

The boat is equipped with life jackets and experienced crew and first aid kits to guarantee safety during your party.

Jump in!

With our floating bar, you won’t even have to get out of the water when it’s time to fill up because we come to you! Stay in the water and keep cool while we make sure you stay refreshed on the inside.

Show me Some Love.

After your wonderful day out on the water, make sure to write us a nice review. That way we can continue providing fun and entertainment to future Punta Cana visitors! :)

Which do you prefer? Powerboat or Sailboat

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  • USA & Canada: (844) DR-TOURS
    Dominican Republic: (829) 868-1353
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  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00 pm
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